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Is it necessary to buy a jewelry design software to start your career? a review

No matter what you do, Having the best tools is a necessity to achieve higher levels of quality. On the other hand, as our budget is limited, you need to choose a correct product according to your needs to prevent wasting money on software you don't need! There are many different softwares to help you design a piece of jewelry from scratch and each of them has their pros and cons which you need to consider before obtaining them. Most of the trending jewelry design software (Plugins) use McNeel's Rhinoceros as their core engine to ensure your designs are accurate and they use Rhino's commands to perform certain actions to help you build the shape you planned to create. But the main question is, how useful are they? Do they worth thousands of dollars? Below we are going to review one of them (in short) to answer these questions.

MATRIXGOLD™ ESSENTIALS 2018 is the latest product from Stuller company which combined features of Matrix and Rhinogold softwares in a minimal graphic user interface. It costs around 6 grand, which is 6 times pricier than Rhino itself. It features lots of useful additional command and functions which makes the life of a jewelry designer much easier. MATRIX GOLD features Rhino 6 core engine which is slick and super fast and responsive yet stable in compare to previews versions. The interface is very neat and modern which uses perfect colors to prevent eye fatigue. All menus are dockable and flexible. Command grouping in UI kinda reminds of Matrix and it's very useful to organize commands and reach them faster. The new search bar was a missing feature which is gladly presented now.

All the newly added commands and functions now use history to prevent you from doing repetitive actions, so now you can perform lots of hit and miss edits on your model in a nick of time. MATRIX GOLD made the usage of rhino layer a lot easier. Now it adds newly added objects to corresponding layers, let you manage and edit them much faster and easier. We were shocked to see they used Cycles engine as their render engine (as it's not our favorite) but still, it delivers good quality renderings of your jewelry piece in a quick manner. One of the underrated features of Gemvision products is the Project browser (manager) which lets you manage and maintain different version of your project files. The lovely F6 menu is still here, it suggests you the most usable command according to your present geometry. One of our favs is design reporting functions that help us deliver quality reports including gem mapping, weights, material list, and other functions.

But does is worth all the money? To be honest, there is nothing you can't do in the core rhino. All the tools presented in MATRIXGOLD just makes your design process faster and easier. If you can't afford the price, it's fine. Start getting more simpler projects and imporove your skills while you save some money to grab the software. But in the end, We believe it worths every penny, If you are a good designer with lots of ongoing projects.


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