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What is the benefits of using hand drawn sketches before utilizing CAD?


As technologies such as computers overtake our daily life and old ways of doing things, designers always asked themselves if it's a good idea to do their sketching process on a digital device? Below we list top reasons about why it's good to use pen and paper for your sketching process
1. Idea Flows Naturally
The first reason why you should sketch on paper is your idea flows naturally. It’s not a preference issue but a habit of the mankind because sketching on the paper is more userfriendly than typing on the computer, as you can draw on the paper freely and naturally.
2. It Saves Time & Energy

why waste your energy and time on the computer while some papers and a pen can do the same job? You can sketch on the paper any way you want, and tear the idea down any time you want without pressing buttons here and there. What’s greater is that as you sketch faster, more ideas will pop up in such a short time and you can even alter them to spawn more ideas, talking about creativity!

3. It Gives a Clear Vision

There are many professional jewelry designers who bring sketchpad to meetings with their clients because sketching is faster than using computer when brainstorming with clients. Also, in the design industry it is very important that the designer understands what the client wants to see, and the paper and pen come in handy for this kind of situations.


4. It’s Around Whenever You Need It

There are times when a designer simply forgets what he/she has thought of. Having a pen and paper at ready will prove useful to record the great ideas which you might simply forget them in seconds. It also allows you to immediately get into the work like prototyping, even while you are waiting for the plane to arrive. Would it not be perfect to have a sketchpad with you wherever you go so that those random ideas can be recorded? Like when you’re traveling or you’re waiting in a queue and a great idea comes to mind. You wouldn’t want to lose that precious idea just because you weren’t bringing anything that you can use to record your thoughts, right?

As the current technology advances, We believe it is our duty to keep up with it while not leaving the traditional things behind, especially those from which creativity came from. Marrying technology with tradition results to great things. While designing on the computer has its great advantages, it’s good for you to leave your mouse and keyboard for several minutes and get really creative by start sketching/writing on your paper!


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